This faculty consists of Modern Foreign Languages, ICT and Business Studies. Currently, French is taught throughout Key Stage 3; at the end of Year 9 almost all pupils are entered for the AQA Foundation Certificate of Secondary Education in French, which is a stepping-stone to GCSE study. French is offered as a one-year AQA GCSE option which can be taken either in Year 10 or Year 11. It is also offered at A-level.

ICT is also taught as a discrete subject throughout Key Stage 3; at Key Stage 4, pupils can opt to study for a BTec in IT over two years in Year 10 and Year 11 (or as a one-year option in Year 11). We also offer Business Studies as a one-year OCR GCSE option. Post-16 we offer A-level courses in AQA Business Studies, AQA ICT and AQA Economics.

You can find out more about the School curriculum by reading our Curriculum Policy, which can be found in the School Policies section of this website.