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New Year 7


Fabulous start today for our new Year 7 intake!  All of our new students looked smart and enthusiastic and hopefully had a great first day at high school.  Despite having to navigate a bigger building, our Year 7 students have done a fantastic job adjusting – well done to all of you.  Here’s to another 949 school days at Kingsbury!

GCSE Results

Hope you are all having a fabulous summer break!  Year 11 students will be fully aware that GCSE results are available for collection tomorrow (Thursday).  Ahead of the day, I have attached some information papers explaining the new GCSE grading system for reformed subjects (Maths and English).  These will also be available tomorrow in school.

See you tomorrow!

Information sheet for students (new GCSE)

Information sheet for parents (new GCSE)

Key Stage 3 Examinations


As you will be aware, students in Years 7, 8 and 9 will be sitting examinations commencing Monday 26th June.  The purpose of these examinations is to consolidate assessment that has taken place during the year and to allow students to experience a more formal assessment setting in preparation for GCSE examinations.  It is our intention to hold a Graduation and Awards Day on Thursday 13th July to celebrate the end of the current academic year and to mark the start of the next.  All students will collect an end of year assessment summary and subject/attendance awards will be presented.

All students in Key Stage 3 will be discussing revision techniques and strategies during their tutor time sessions. In addition, revision resources and materials have been uploaded to our website for students and parents to access.  These resources can be found on the ‘Revision Resources’ page under the ‘Curriculum’ tab.

Should you have any questions related to the examinations, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s tutor.

Key Stage 3 Parents Evening Survey

16/12/16  As you will be aware, we trialled a new format for our Key Stage 3 Parents Evening.  We would be grateful if you could spend a little time providing some feedback using the link below:


Rewards Day: Autumn 2016

16/12/16  Wednesday 14th December was our Autumn Term Rewards and Awards Day.  Every term we organise a Rewards and Awards day to celebrate the successes and achievements of our students.  Students can spend their well earned house points on activities with a Christmas theme; these included Christmas Crafts, A Victorian Christmas, Christingles, Christmas with a BANG, Christmas Coding, Festive Football, Christmas Roller Disco, Christmas Crackers and Rocking around the Christmas Tree.  In addition, all 670 students who had an overall positive number of behaviour points also experienced an extended lunchtime, tutor time activities and a festive pantomime performed by staff!  Certificates and prizes were also distributed during our awards assemblies.  Well done to all of our students who had a positive number of points – keep up the hard work!  Remember, the more house points you have the more you get to spend!  May I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Farrugia for organising the day.

Well done Year 11

Well done Year 11 for completing your mock GCSE examinations!  We will be holding a mock examination results day on Wednesday 4th January during which students will be collecting their results.  Year 11 parents evening follows this event on Thursday 5th January.

Key Stage 3 Parents Evening

Key Stage 3 Parents Evening takes place on Thursday 17th November.  This is the first of two evenings which will give parents the opportunity to engage with Progress Tutors about the progress and achievement of their children.  The evening will also provide an opportunity for us to share other information about our provision in school.  Please ensure that your child has requested an appointment – we look forward to seeing you then!

New Pasta Bar hits Kingsbury Food Court

Friday 14th October saw the launch of our new Pasta Bar!  Everyday, students can now enjoy flavoured pasta pots as an alternative to our other freshly cooked meals.  On Friday, students had a choice of Margherita or Boston Meatballs flavours; both proved very popular!  All of the Pasta Pot flavours have high nutritional value and provide a tasty and fulfilling meal.  The addition of our Pasta Bar is the most recent improvement in a series of changes that have radically improved our catering provision.  Many of our students are now eating hot meals and are enjoying the additional space created by our new lunchtime arrangements.  Students also have the option to pre-order meals earlier in the day to ensure that they have their preferred meal.