Rewards Day: Autumn 2016

16/12/16  Wednesday 14th December was our Autumn Term Rewards and Awards Day.  Every term we organise a Rewards and Awards day to celebrate the successes and achievements of our students.  Students can spend their well earned house points on activities with a Christmas theme; these included Christmas Crafts, A Victorian Christmas, Christingles, Christmas with a BANG, Christmas Coding, Festive Football, Christmas Roller Disco, Christmas Crackers and Rocking around the Christmas Tree.  In addition, all 670 students who had an overall positive number of behaviour points also experienced an extended lunchtime, tutor time activities and a festive pantomime performed by staff!  Certificates and prizes were also distributed during our awards assemblies.  Well done to all of our students who had a positive number of points – keep up the hard work!  Remember, the more house points you have the more you get to spend!  May I take this opportunity to thank Mrs Farrugia for organising the day.