Remembrance Day Dress

Year 9 Girls create cascading Poppy Dress to mark remembrance day and the centenary of World War I!


Ellie, Mia, Charlotte, Lottie, Freya and Holly have used their break and lunchtimes over the last week to create a cascading poppy dress to showcase creativity and craft to celebrate the 100th centenary. They have encouraged students to create poppies and art work for the dress by speaking in assemblies about Remembrance Day.

The girls have said they were inspired to create the dress for the following reasons:

‘In honour of all the soldiers that fought for us and our country’ – Freya

‘I was inspired by the quote, I wear a poppy as red as can be to remember those who fought for me’ – Ellie

‘It is a legacy of the soldiers that we are creating’ – Mia

‘Lest we forget’ – Holly

‘We will remember them’ – Lottie

‘It is in commemoration of our soldiers’ – Charlotte

Well done girls, the dress is fantastic. We are really proud of you!