Expert careers and university advice will be available to all students. Several trips to university open days and higher education fairs will run throughout the year to give students a chance to explore different universities. Spec days and tutor time will give dedicated time to applying for a university places and writing curriculum vitae’s.


We acknowledge that University is not for everyone and opportunities to research the vast amount of apprenticeships on offer  will be given throughout the year during SPEC days and tutor time.  In addition guest speakers are invited into sixth form assemblies to address our students.

Careers Interviews

Students will have the exciting opportunity to take part in a mock interview day where external members from a variety of different industries and employers will attend sixth form and put them through their paces in preparation for the real thing.

Advice and Guidance

Advice and guidance is also offered on the following;

  • the UCAS application process
  • choosing a degree and how to research degrees
  • writing a personal statement and CV’s
  • taking a gap year
  • employment and apprenticeship options
  • volunteering and work experience
  • alternatives to higher education

Useful Links;


Higher Education;

Information on HE Courses
All about qualifications
League tables
Open days
Finding the right University
Student Opinions


Graduate vacancies

Gap year;

Gap year with BUNAC (USA)
Year in Industry
Volunteering opportunities
Year out ideas
Planning a Gap Year

Finance/Student Life;

Student life
Financial support
Student Loan Company