Teaching & Learning

At Kingsbury School we appreciate that the quality of teaching and learning taking place at a sixth form is a very high priority when deciding where to continue your education. Our top priority as teachers is to develop teaching and learning and we dedicate a significant proportion of our teacher training time and school budget to achieving this. Over the last three years we have done the following:

Teaching and Learning Shops

Staff have shared good practice in the following areas: Five phase lesson planning, Effective questioning, Interpreting exam questions, Literacy and Marking for Improvement. Staff have then embraced these strategies in to their professional practice and developed them further in their faculties.

Teaching and Learning Briefings

A weekly briefing session has been dedicated to teaching and learning. All staff have contributed to their weekly sessions in order to showcase, consolidate, disseminate and share strategies that could be used to fullfill our learning foci.

Quality Assurance Process

All faculties have a quality assurance process monitoring the content being delivered, the work in students books, the attainment of students and students views on their lessons.

Teaching and Learning Training Days

All of our training days are dedicated to teaching and learning. We have paired up with another school, sharing good practice between staff and faculties, visited the Education Show at the NEC, had two experts in to deliver training on outstanding lessons.

Teaching and Learning Pack

All staff have a teaching and learning pack, this is full of resources, guidance and details of our foci for this academic year.


Our observation process is a comprehensive and rigorous one, we look at 23 learning features during a 1 hour observation. These are: students arrival, entry task, learning outcomes, challenge, context and purpose, starter activity, balance of teacher/student led activities, differentiation, independence of students, questioning, subject knowledge, assessment criteria, target grades, assessment for learning, verbal feedback, reflecting on learning, progress, structure, use of time, literacy, marking and learning dialogue and use of support staff. We set our standard for teaching and learning very high at Kingsbury and as such we leave no stone unturned when it comes to our observations. Every year we will continue to develop our teaching in order for you to succeed in your learning.