Successful BMX Season for Lexi Carruthers (Year 8)

Congratulations to Lexi Carruthers who has has completed an extremely successful BMX season!

Lexi has had amazing success in her BMX season over the last few months!

4-8th June: Lexi became the World Number 6 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

11-15th July: Lexi became European Number 2 in Sarrians, France.

14-16th September: Lexi became British Number 2 in Blackpool following a photo finish!

28th-30th September: HSBC National British BMX Series 2018 – Lexi had her last national of the year. Lexi gave it her all and as result, Lexi became the British National Number 1 for Female 12 BMX 2018.

We would like to congratulate Lexi on her outstanding achievements throughout the season. Well done Lexi!