Kingsbury Students conquer Mount Snowdon!

On Saturday 4th July Mr Cope, Miss Davies and Mr Warren took several of the year 10 and 11 students going to Ecuador next summer on a sponsored climb of Mount Snowdon.

The students were raising money to help them with the four week community project they are involved with in Ecuador in the summer of 2016. In total it took the group 5 hours 36 minutes to complete the climb with students embracing the weather conditions.


Music Department visits Kingsbury Primary School.

A group of our talented musicians visited Kingsbury Primary School on 1 July 2015.

The trip was well received by the primary school pupils who got to listen to some of our talented musicians playing various pieces and instruments.


Bus passes for September 2015 are now available.

Students who require bus passes for the September term can collect them from the hall during break time all this week.

High acheivers in art

A group of our arts students have produced some fantastic pieces of art work over the course of the year.

Opting to take Art GCSE at Kingsbury School is a challenge as students have to complete the course in one school year. Standards and expectations are high and the most successful students are those who can work independently, are dedicated to the course, want to improve and have drive to achieve their target grades and beyond. This year has been no exception and students have achieved some fantastic results.

The course is intense and the volume and standard of work required is always a shock for students at the beginning of the year. However, those who are determined to succeed constantly improve their skills and the quality of their work throughout the year. This means giving up hours of their free time in school and staying behind after school each week to continue with work and receive 1:1 tuition and support. Quality and standard of work is extremely high this year and this is down to the individual ideas and range of skills students have demonstrated.

Ayla Rainsford- Ayla has worked consistently hard throughout the year and has constantly improved her skills due to her commitment to the course. Her final piece is the outcome of 10 hours of exams based on her chosen project ‘Imagine’. Ayla’s work is created using biro and water colour.
Ayla Rainsford 9BON
Bethany Davis- final piece in response to the exam boards starting point ‘Hair’. Work is completed in pencil crayon. Bethany is predicted an A and is in Year 9, she has demonstrated massive talent and flair for the subject since Year 7 and has produced work of a exceptional standard throughout the course.
Bethany Blundell Year 9 (2)

 Bethany Blundell- Bethany is a triplet and her and her 2 sisters have all completed the course this year and all 3 of them are expected to achieve beyond their initial target grade due to their commitment to their studies. Bethany’s drawing of her dog is created in pencil crayon, this was an additional piece of work she created at the end of the course. It is based on a photograph she has taken.

Bethany Blundell Year 9 (1)

Shannon Carter- Shannon’s painting in acrylic is her final piece for her coursework. The coursework element is worth 60% of students overall GCSE grade and this year was based on ‘Colour’. Shannon used artist research as inspiration and her own photography to create this piece which is a bold ending to her project. Shannon is in Year 10 and hadn’t had any art lessons for a year up until the start of the course. She has worked hard all year to improve and achieve work of a consistently high standard.

Shannon Carter 10PLM

Jordan Parr- Jordan has produced some unique and interesting work this year. His final piece is the end result of his coursework project based on the colour green and combines both this photography of reptiles and interest in cars. Jordan has produced the work using a variety of materials including acrylic paint, pro marker, pencil and crayon.
Jordan Parr 9CAP
Chloe McDonald- Chloe has always shown a passion for Art since she joined Kingsbury in Year 8. Her work has constantly improved and since starting on the GCSE course Chloe has demonstrated dedication to her work and an excellent ability for combining ideas and materials.
Sophie Dowling Year 9 (2)
Jack Wiltshire- Jack’s work is of a fantasy landscape in response to the exam boards starting point ‘Imagine’. His work is produced using sketching pencil and took him 10 hours exam time to complete. Much of Jack’s work uses characters, robots and other figures which he has created which makes his work stand out, he has a unique style and this has grown and developed throughout the year.
Jack Wiltshire 10FIE
Sophie Dowling- Sophie’s piece is the final outcome of her coursework based on ‘Colour’. This is one of the most individual pieces to be created this year and has been developed from a range of images, drawings and artists inspiration. It demonstrates Sophie’s unique ability to combine images and be creative with composition. She has shown dedication her studies throughout the year, often redoing work she is not happy with to improve the standard.
Sophie Dowling Year 9 (1)