Excellent attendance at school is vital in helping a child achieve their full potential. At Kingsbury School we consider excellent attendance to be 97% or higher. Aside from the fact that we love seeing our students in school every day excellent attendance gives a child the best possible start in life. By attending regularly children are experiencing a broad and balanced curriculum, learning new things every day, building self esteem and achieving. Young people who regularly miss school without good reason are more likely to become isolated from their friends, to underachieve in examinations and/or become involved in anti-social behaviour.

A school day comprises of 5 different lessons, each day missed means a minimum of 5 hours learning that will need to be caught up. Every single day is a learning day be it a normal timetable day, a school trip, a focus day or a charity day and as such students should attend to experience a wide variety of learning opportunities.

While 90% attendance may seem like good attendance over 5 years this equates to missing half a school year and 500 school lessons!

As attendance below 97% can seriously impact on a child’s ability to achieve their full potential and can reduce their life chances in future we will request reasons for all absences. By understanding a child’s reason for absence we are able to support students to be in school and achieving as highly as they can.

We work closely with students, parents and external agencies to ensure all children are in school as frequently as possible. If you are experiencing any difficulties in bringing your child to school please contact Miss Hart or Mrs Silcock at school.

Attendance reward trip to Skegness 2019

Attendance reward trip Ice Skating in Birmingham 2019