Charlie’s Wings:

Testimonial from Natalie Bracher (Emotional Well-Being and Careers Guidance Coach):

I am so unbelievably honoured and proud to be delivering work with so many vulnerable young people due to the incredible Charlie’s Wings. It’s allowed me to provide extra specialist support in school for those young people and their families, teaching them healthy strategies to develop knowledge and awareness around their emotional well-being and ways in which to manage it.

Since Covid-19 there has been a significant rise in non school attendees due to heightened anxiety which is massively impacting young people’s participation and engagement to learning. Charlie’s Wings has allowed me to work closely with those students to help ease their unhelpful thinking patterns in order to build a resilience that allows them to feel safe again in their learning environment.

“I am so grateful for Natalie and what she’s taught me and my family. We look forward to her regular visits and continue to learn about the brain, stinking thinking and anxiety. I am working hard to manage my feelings so that I can go back to school very soon”.

Year 9

“I really didn’t think that a month ago I would be even thinking about returning to school. I know that thoughts aren’t facts and that I am safe in school. I am now on a phased return back into school. Natalie has really helped me, I feel listened to and know that I’m not alone”.

Year 9

Charlie’s Wings supports 1:1 weekly interventions to those students between year 7-11 who have experienced anything from trauma, anxiety, low-self esteem, exam stress, resilience, motivation, anger management and so much more.

Many students are unable to regulate their emotions due to constant state of flight, flight, freeze, making learning a very difficult task. Their surface behaviours are masking their unmet needs which results in “negative/inappropriate” behaviours, followed by sanctions which heightens emotions and the circle continues. Thanks to Charlie’s Wings the young people are receiving weekly sessions and a safe place to share their thoughts and feelings in school. The student centred and nurtured approach is helping them to engage in therapeutic activities to support healthy brain development whilst developing healthy strategies to promote self-awareness, self-esteem and reflection.

“Losing my friend in a tragic accident really messed with my head. I was so scared of something bad happening to me, my friends and my family. Natalie helped me to build a ‘First Aid Grief Kit’ which helped me to cope with the different feelings and thoughts I was experiencing, that thoughts aren’t facts”.

Year 11

“Starting high school was really tough and then I was accidentally hurt and I ended up having to go to hospital. I was petrified of coming back into school. Natalie helped me to understand about the brain, why I think and feel the way I do and how my meerkat brain is telling me I’m in danger when I am not. Just understanding this has really helped me. I know that I am brave and resilient and I am being the best version of me.”

Year 7