Film Studies

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Film is a powerful medium that has a huge influence and affects not only audiences but also people involved in the industry. The films we watch on the course encourage pupils to have an emotional response to characters, their narratives and the issues they raise and to then reflect on their own lives and how society and culture reflected in the films influence their ideology. The immersive audio-visual experience of film enables leaners to identify how filmmakers exploit cinematography, composition and locations as well as music and sound for specific responses. Many learners feel it is important to study a medium which has such a significant influence on the way people think and feel.

The subject develops their knowledge of US mainstream film by studying one film from the 1950s and one film from the later 70s and 80s, thus looking at two stages in Hollywood’s development. In addition, they will study a US independent film and explore the independent versus Hollywood style as well as examining films from Europe, including the UK, South Africa and Australia.

Year 10

Narrative and MESKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Autumn_1
Sound and EditsKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Autumn_2
Cinematography Knowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Autumn_3
History of Film
Singing in the RainKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Autumn_5
Musicals and ComparisonKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Autumn_7
Slumdog MillionaireKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Spring_2
Production and EvaluationKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_10_Summer

Year 11

Little Miss SunshineKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_11_Autumn_1
The WaveKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_11_Autumn_2
Production and EvaluationKnowledge_Organiser_Film_Studies_Year_11_Spring
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