Cambridge National Qualification in Child Development

Examination Board: OCR                                

Specification code: J818

Why study Child Development?

This Cambridge National is a fascinating course and is the same weight as a GCSE and is ideal for students who have an interest in babies, pregnancy, children and the care sector. It is a unique course which leads well into college courses and careers based in this field.

Common misconceptions:

  • This course is only if you like children – false – there is so much to this course and it has many psychology links as well as biology.
  • This subject is for girls – false – boys do this subject, there are male doctors and child specialists

Course Content:

The main issues covered in this course are:

  • Preconception (before pregnancy): Including problems and complications.
  • Pregnancy (the whole nine months): The care of the mother and foetus. Includes abortion.
  • Labour and birth: Natural births, caesarean, complications, breech and multiple births.
  • Babies: Premature, breast fed, bottle fed and the care of babies.
  • Toddlers: Walking, talking, learning and development.
  • Children: How they develop, learn and grow.
  • Feeding: Right and wrong choices, health and nutrition.
  • Care: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social.
  • Neglect: The needs of babies and children and what happens when these needs are not met.

Assessment Overview:

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