GCSE Citizenship Studies

Examination Board: AQA     

Specification code: 8100

Why study Citizenship?

Citizenship prepares students to become active citizens of democracy. This specification allows students to apply their learning to real-life scenarios on both a local and global scale.

Citizenship provides the opportunity for students to work individually to develop their own knowledge and also encourages students to work with others and take part in group activities to bring about a change.

Students will gain knowledge of democracy, government and law, and develop the ability to create sustained, well balanced arguments. Communication skills are increasingly sought after by employers: our specification will enhance students’ writing and speaking styles.

Course Content:

Life in modern Britain

Life in modern Britain, looks at the make-up and dynamics of contemporary society, what it means to be British, as well as the role of the media and the United Kingdom’s (UK’s) role on the world stage

Rights and responsibilities

Rights and responsibilities, looks at the nature of laws, rights and responsibilities within the UK and has a global aspect due to the nature of international laws, treaties and agreements by which the UK abides

Politics and participation

Politics and participation, aims to give the student, through an understanding of the political process, the knowledge and skills necessary to understand how to resolve issues, bring about change, and how the empowered citizen is at the heart of our society

Active citizenship

This GCSE is all based around how citizens can try to make a difference in society. Students are required to undertake an investigation into a citizenship issue of their own choice. This will involve research and planning and taking action. This provides students with the opportunity to complete some ‘hands on’ citizenship.

Assessment Overview:

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