GCSE Drama

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel            

Specification code: 1DR0

Why study Drama?

Drama is a highly practical and explorative subject; an art form that enquires, analyses and portrays real life issues and characters.  It requires students to articulate how they would perform in certain roles, teaching them the skills to either act or explore a technical theatre role. Practical work is at the heart of the course. Pupils will get to explore script, set text and devise work for performance.  They will look at the processes of putting on a production and review professional theatre, through theatre visits and studying practitioners and techniques.

The course develops transferable skills, including collaboration, communication and an understanding of how to amend and refine work in order to make a smooth transition to the next level of study.  It will develop confidence and social skills vital for any career.

Course Content and Assessment Overview:

Pupils will have three lessons per week, and the course is split into three components.

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