GCSE Film Studies

Examination Board: WJEC Eduqas

Specification code: C670QS

Why study Film Studies?

If you are interested in Film (in front and behind the camera), English or the Arts then this course could be a very exciting opportunity. ‘Film’ and ‘moving images’ are a growing part of everyday life. If you have ever watched something and thought, ‘Why have they done that?’ or ‘I could do better,’ then this might be the subject for you. You will develop analytical skills that will transfer to other subjects and you would also have the chance to create film industry related projects. This course is not about watching films, it is about analysing different text types, exploring what has been done by others and seeing if you could do better.

Course Content:

With 70% exam based and 30% coursework based, there is every opportunity to succeed in this GCSE qualification, however, the depth of analysis and exploration of film needs complete commitment. If you have a passion for film and are willing to work hard then this is a qualification for you.

You will learn how to analyse different moving image texts, through the application of specialist terminology. These analytical aspects will then be used to develop and create your own projects. The projects will require development of the idea, production of the product, presentation of the ‘Feature’ you create and a final analysis of your own creation.  All features of the film industry will be explored, including production, distribution and financial aspects of this medium. You will explore mainstream texts but also be introduced to a wide range of other countries and genres you would not normally consider.

Assessment Overview:

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