GCSE Geography

Examination Board: Pearson Edexcel A       

Specification code: 1GA0

Why study Geography?

Geography will help you understand how and why our planet changes, the challenges it faces and your place within it. This course will cover a combination of physical and human topics and examine many contemporary issues, including: climate change, food security, energy choices, population movement and natural disasters.

Choosing Geography will help you to develop a variety of skills highly sought after by employers. Your literacy will be improved through report writing and written work, data collection and teamwork will be developed through field trips, and numeracy skills will be enhanced when you interpret data and construct graphs from fieldwork.  These skills are desirable in most occupations, but studying Geography could lead to a career in travel and tourism, town planning, climatology, logistics, environmental management, teaching, conservation, market research, cartography and geographical information systems.

Course Content:

Assessment Overview:

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