GCSE Science’s

GCSE Combined Science

Examination Board: OCR Gateway

Specification code: J250

Kingsbury School offers two different pathways for students to follow in Year 10 and 11. Most students will study GCSE Combined Science and will achieve two qualifications. Some students will have the option to study GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics as three separate subjects and will achieve three qualifications.

Why study Combined Science?

Candidates studying Combined Science will experience a course that helps students to apply the science they learn in the classroom to the world outside of it. This is especially pertinent as they will gain an understanding of the science behind current global issues, such as climate change and communicable diseases. The practical based side of the course allows students to prove the science behind the theory, whilst also gaining an appreciation of the good laboratory practice and investigative skills adopted by many areas of industry that they may wish to pursue a career in. Students will be accredited with two GCSE qualifications.

Course Content:

There are 18 modules taught across the two years; the first half will be studied in year 10 and the second half in year 11.

Assessment Overview:

Students studying GCSE Combined Science will be accredited with two GCSE qualifications.

GCSE Biology, Chemistry and Physics

Examination Board: OCR Gateway                 

Specification codes: J247/J248/J249

Why study separate sciences?

This course provides all the benefits of Combined Science but is aimed at students that have a passion for science, or require a deeper level of scientific understanding than that provided on the Combined Science course. This option is beneficial for those students wishing to study science later at A-level or degree level at university. If candidate’s later wish to pursue a career in a scientific profession such as medicine or veterinary science, then this course is more appropriate than Combined Science.  Places for these courses are limited and allocated following performance in years 7-9. Please liaise with the Science faculty regarding suitability to study these courses.

Course Content:

With the exception of Physics, the units covered are largely the same as those taught in Combined Science. In some of the topics, the science is applied at a higher level, which requires students to have a sound grasp of a breadth of scientific concepts.

Assessment Overview:

Students studying separate sciences will be accredited with three separate GCSE qualifications.

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