GCSE Art and Design: Textile Design

Examination Board: WJEC Eduqas                   

Specification code:  C653QS

Why study Art Textiles?

This GCSE offers an exciting option for our creative and practical students who have a creative flair and want to study a 100% coursework-based subject, which will result in two impressive portfolios to take to college interviews (similar to the one in Year 9 but on a much bigger and better scale).

Common misconceptions-

  • I need to be able to draw – false – for this art course you can use other skills.
  • I need to make a dress – falsethis is art textiles so you can make anything.
  • This subject it for girls – false – most designers are male!

Course Content:

There are four assessment objectives:

  • AO1- Developing ideas through researching other artists and designers (Critical understanding)
  • AO2- Experimenting with different media types and effects (Creative making)
  • AO3- Annotation of ideas (Reflective recording)
  • AO4- Final outcome and presentation (Personal presentation)

Assessment Overview:

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