Focus Days

Focus days are an excellent opportunity to enhance and enrich our curriculum. These days provide an opportunity to run trips, take time out of our regular lessons to delve in to a current event or run a themed day across all subject areas. Each year we have three focus days, the content of these is decided at the start of the year.

In 2019-20 we have had two focus days. Focus day 1 was a Cultural Day, it is important that students gain an awareness of different cultures and understand that all staff support this. On this day year 7 were lucky enough to visit a Birmingham Church, Mosque and Synagogue. Other year groups spent time in school learning about different, cultures, religions and points of view.

Focus day 2 was Kindness Day. Kindness is a character trait we promote and value highly. Year 10 took the lead and selected the Australian Bushfire charity to support. They organised fundraising events and raised awareness of charity. All year groups took part in sessions promoting kindness to yourself and others, what is a charity?, debating sessions and how bushfires spread and the ecological effects.