Student Leadership

Student Leadership

The Young Leadership Team

Our Young Leadership Team play an important role in shaping student initiatives in school, representing the student voice and student body to Senior Leadership as well as leading and being role models within the school community. Our Young Leadership Team are set to play an even bigger role in 2020-21 with new projects and initiatives being developed.

This is an incredibly exciting time as we are looking to develop these students into confident young leaders within their community. Becoming more independent and autonomous within their roles will help to further support the school community.

With further opportunities to develop and grow into these roles, we are making an active commitment into developing future leaders in our community and country. Hopefully, allowing students to really gain as much as possible from their time in school, providing training and talks for students in developing their leadership skills, their vision and how they will implement this.

The YLT is a student-led initiative and is supported and facilitated by Mr Cameron and the Raising Aspirations Team.

Student Council’s Role

The YLT work closely with the Student Council to help lead and support the work they do, and heading into such uncharted times as these are, the role of both the YLT and Student Council will be bigger than ever in supporting our school community.

Excitingly, we are announcing the introduction of Student Council Committees, meaning we are giving further responsibility to students in these roles. Each committee is to be chaired by the YLT and is to help give students further opportunities to share their views, and those of students, through a specific and focused channel that they choose to sit on.

Our committees are:

  • Learning and Teaching
  • Behaviour and Welfare
  • Personal Development and Wellbeing

With their aims more focused, we hope to see students begin to step up to a challenge of improving their school environment and supporting the student community.

All ideas are to be discussed and debated within student committees, and allowing the Student Council to do this in new and innovative ways will be key to its success. Online learning platforms are being employed in order to begin shaping the experiences of students at Kingsbury School in 2020-21.

Student Council is a student-led initiative and is supported and facilitated by Mr Cameron and the Raising Aspirations Team.

Head Boy and Girl

Student Opportunity

Roles and Responsibilities for Y11 School Prefect

Roles and Responsibilities for Head Boy and Head Girl

Roles and Responsibilities for Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl