Our School Facilities

Kingsbury School has good facilities, which we continue to upgrade. We believe that the environment in which students work is a key consideration in their motivation, behaviour and attitude.

We are fully accessible for students and visitors with mobility needs, including a purpose built lift.

Kingsbury Food Court

We believe that communal areas are an important part of school life. For this reason in 2010 our dining facilities were re-designed by students and upgraded accordingly.

As a school we use cashless technology, which eliminates any concerns about access to free school meals. As a result we are also able to provide, on request, information to parents about the eating habits of their children.

We aim where possible to ensure that all canteen food is healthy and contributes to a balanced diet.

Sporting Facilities

We benefit from extensive playing fields, a well equipped gymnasium, onsite swimming pool and a large Sports Hall. The school has an excellent reputation for sport and links with a number of local sports clubs, including Kingsbury Aquarius Swimming Club, who make extensive use of the pool facilities.

In the early evening the site can be used for judo, fencing, boxing, table tennis, tennis and street dance. As a school our aim is to promote a competitive approach to sport whilst ensuring fairness, sportsmanship and an all round co-operative spirit in all our pupils.

Kingsbury School Leisure Centre has a new sports hall which boasts some of the best facilities in North Warwickshire with 4 bays of indoor cricket nets, full and small court basketball with an internationally recognised basketball surface. There is also full and small court 5 aside football, full court badminton, volley ball and netball facilities. This is supported by helpful sports technicians.

Music, Art & Drama

Increasingly we are gaining a reputation for music and drama, our facilities in these areas are therefore being gradually upgraded to reflect this aspect of pupil interest.

In 2008 we rebuilt our music facilities to include dedicated music and practice rooms. We continue to improve these facilities with the introduction of Apple Mac based music production software and recording studio. In 2009 we refurbished the Art department and purchased a kiln for student use.

Each year the school puts on a production and a Spring Concert. Increasingly therefore production facilities are also being upgraded.

During the summer of 2015 we added a dedicated Drama studio to our facilities.