On behalf of the Governors of Kingsbury School, welcome to the Kingsbury School Governors page. The information below gives you an outline of the role of the governors in the school.

School governors have a key role in the leadership of the school. They provide support, monitoring and evaluation to ensure all pupils receive the highest standard of education possible and are able to achieve their full potential. We are very proud of the staff team and the supportive ethos they offer to pupils at Kingsbury School. We are also very proud of the major improvements in the school facilities, provision and academic standards that have been made in recent years.

School governors have three key roles: to provide strategic direction for the school, to provide challenge and support to the Headteacher, and to ensure the school’s performance is accountable to the community. The Headteacher is responsible for day-to-day management of the school. The governing body and headteacher jointly set the school’s strategic direction, aims and policies.

Governing bodies have specific duties to fulfil by law including:

  • Agreeing school development priorities;
  • Monitoring and evaluating the performance of the school;
  • Setting school targets;
  • Making sure that the curriculum is balanced;
  • Agreeing school policies;
  • Agreeing an annual budget detailing planned spending and staffing; and monitoring the school budget, ensuring best use of resources and value for money
  • Monitoring the condition of the school buildings and grounds, to ensure a well maintained, safe and pleasant environment.
  • Appointment of Headteacher and other senior staff;
  • Strategic planning of school staffing structure and provision
  • Preparing an action plan following an Ofsted inspection;
  • Developing services to meet a school’s needs as part of the wider local community.
  • Planning for the future of the school to ensure its continued success

To do our job, the governors at Kingsbury meet once or twice each term and the full governing body also meets at least once a term. Other sub-committees or working groups are sometimes formed and meet from time to time to cover a specific task. Meetings are either held in the evening or during the school day, depending on the availability of committee members.

Governors also go into school to meet with the Head and other members of staff, for example to carry out classroom visits to help monitor school development plans for a subject area or a specific aspect of provision. Training and support is provided to enable governors to do their job effectively.

Governors do not get paid for the work that they do. They give their time freely because they are committed to the goal of giving each pupil the best possible opportunity to succeed, both at school and in later life.

Contact can be made via the PA to the Head Teacher: Mrs Helen Jones at or 01827 872316

Further information about the school governor role can be found at

Helen Reilly, Chair of Governors

Annual register of attendance

Register of Pecuniary & Business interests

Please see the following link to Caludon Castle School govenors page;


If you need to contact the governing body please email them via

School governors come from all backgrounds reflecting different cultures, communities, work skills and life experiences. Everyone has different skills and views to offer and we value the different contributions each person can make. If you are interested in becoming a governor please have a look through the information below and contact the Clerk to the Governors for more information on 01827 872316.

Becoming a governor offers you the opportunity to make a real contribution to the life and work of our school. Being a governor can be very rewarding and will provide you with the opportunity to meet new people and gain new skills. Don’t worry if you don’t have any experience in education matters as training and support are available from the Local Authority and your colleagues on the governing body.

All parents and carers of registered pupils are eligible to be nominated for parent governor vacancies and to vote in a parent governor election. Someone who has parental responsibility or day to day care of a pupil is also eligible to serve and vote. Parents and people from the local community are eligible to be nominated as community governors or local authority governors when vacancies arise.

What’s in it for you?

  • You will get to know more about the school and will be actively helping the school to be successful.
  • You will be involved in making decisions affecting the education and well-being of young people, helping to support the school and monitor provision to make sure all pupils get the best possible education and school life.
  • You will provide an important link between a school and the wider community it serves.
  • You will be rewarded with the knowledge that you are making a difference by doing something positive for the next generation and for your local community
  • Working in a volunteer role /in a school setting / understanding school governance might be a useful addition to your CV

Useful Links

Kingsbury School Governors

Mrs H Reilly

Chair of Governors ,Community Governor, Full Governing Body, Term of office 2014 – 2018

Mr M Hewish

Vice Chair of Governors, Community Governor, Full Governing Body, Term of office 2012 – 2016

Mrs K Healey

Full Governing Body, LA County Council Representative, Term of office 2014 – 2018

Mr M Dugdale

Full Governing Body, Community Governor, Term of office 2012 – 2016

Mrs Caroline Pearce

Term of office 2018-2022

Mrs Helen Pickering

Term of Office 2018-2022

Mrs Dawn Peace

Term of office 2018-2022