High Achieving Pupils

At Kingsbury School we believe in the importance of providing appropriate learning experiences for all students of all abilities. All pupils have the right to a broad, balanced and relevant education, which provides continuity and progression and takes individual differences into account.  We aim to provide a provision that is appropriate to the needs and abilities of all our pupils. In particular, we believe that we have a clear responsibility to engender high aspirations and to equip our pupils to achieve their potential, without limits.

We challenge students to recognise and realise their potential in a range of different areas, from high academic success, the artistic excellence and being active citizens in the school and local community. We aim to ensure that every pupil with a High Learning Potential is recognised at the earliest opportunity, and that every possible measure is taken to ensure that they achieve above their expected outcomes.

We support students with a High Learning Potential through a range of different learning activities, as well as monitoring and personalised intervention strategies. To ensure all pupils are effectively challenged, every learning opportunity at Kingsbury includes a ‘TIF’ – a way to ‘take it further, providing an opportunity for students to go beyond what is being taught and think deeply about the subject.

Many of our students who are recognised as having a High Learning Potential are involved with shaping the culture of the school and how lessons are being taught thought our Student Leadership Programme. Many students can be found involved with either the Young Leadership Team, Year councils and / or become Faculty Student Leaders.

We deeply recognise that the involvement of parents/carers in supporting the learning and progress of our young people is invaluable and we aim to provide good communication between students, school and home to ensure that our pupils fulfil their potential and beyond.

Policy Document