Kingsbury School adopts a clear behaviour policy which underpins effective education; it is consistently and fairly applied.  We encourage outstanding behaviour through a mix of high expectations, clear policy and an ethos which fosters discipline and mutual respect between students, and between staff and students.  All members of the school understand that a consistent approach to the use of the system is paramount to helping students progress both academically and as outstanding citizens.  The Behaviour for Learning Policy is based on rewarding good conduct.  Likewise poor behaviour will receive a sanction.  The emphasis is on choice – students are taught the consequences of their behaviour and are encouraged to take responsibility for it.  Our classroom discipline aims to produce actions which discourage, eliminate or reduce the repetition of specific poor behaviour.  Sanctions are used as a last resort. 

Our Behaviour for Learning Policy is based on an inclusive approach to education, where we cater for the needs of all students as individuals and enhance equality of opportunity.

A copy of our School Behaviour and Discipine Policy can be found on our Policies page.