About Us


At Kingsbury our mission is to:
  • encourage our young people to have high expectations of themselves, be dedicated to their learning, and determined to maximize their achievements.
  • provide a rich and stimulating environment, which fosters the enjoyment of learning and enables our young people to develop skills for life long learning.
  • offer a broad curriculum which allows individuals to progress at a pace which suits them
  • celebrate our students’ successes, enable them to take pride in their achievements
  • help our students blossom into young adults ready to play an active, positive role in society


The staff and Governors at Kingsbury School believe that the education we provide should influence and reflect the kind of society we want for our children in the future. Our code of conduct as a result recognises a broad set of common values which underpin pupil conduct and inform our decisions and policies. Our school should be a place where all members of the community are dedicated to learning and have the opportunity to be valued and succeed. In order to make this possible everyone must:
  • have and show RESPECT
  • strive for INTEGRITY
  • and have AMBITION


We show respect by listening and cooperating with others, seeking to understand their point of view. Respect is treating others as we would wish to be treated ourselves. This includes:
  • Contributing sensitively to discussions
  • listening quietly when asked
  • accepting and understanding differences.
  • move around the school calmly, quietly and with thought for others
  • being helpful by opening doors
  • letting other people pass
  • helping to carry things


We show responsibility by making positive choices and understanding that our words and actions have impact on others. This means we make positive choices for:
  • keeping the school and its surroundings clean and tidy
  • respecting your own and other people’s display and work.
  • Making the school a welcoming place of which we are all proud.


We show compassion by being supportive of each other and understanding that everyone needs support at different times. Compassion includes:
  • forgiving others when they make a mistake
  • not making hurtful comments


We show integrity by being truthful, open and honest.


We show ambition by making sure we use all opportunities to learn and reach our targets. Ambition means we:
  • arrive at lessons on time prepared for work
  • ask questions and are keen to achieve
  • follow instructions and take part
  • work hard each day, determined to succeed
  • set challenging goals and make every effort to achieve them.
We aim to instil and re-affirm with pupils attending Kingsbury School our commitment to the above, helping them to blossom into young adults ready to play an active, positive role in society.