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Head of Faculty Mrs R Carey

Ms L Franks


In the words of Albert Einstein: “The greatest scientists are artists as well”. Music is kind of like part art, part science! Which means it will help you build your problem solving, research, planning, analytical and critical thinking skills, as well as develop your creativity.

Why it is important to study music?

Making music can help a young person maintain good mental health during a time of high pressure.

Music is an academic subject in its own right, but it actually benefits other subjects too.

A recent study in the UK found that playing a musical instrument appears to enhance general performance in other subjects at GCSE

1. Other studies have shown that music benefits learning by activating all areas of the brain

2: Auditory (sound processing); motor (rhythm processing); and limbic (emotions).

So by choosing music, your child could actually be improving their chances of doing well in their other subjects .

It will provide transferable skills

GCSE music involves written, analytical, practical and social/personal skills such as:

  • Independent learning: having to be disciplined about practising on their instrument or voice
  • Team working: particularly if they’re involved in weekly groups or ensembles, concerts and performances
  • Performance and presentation skills which are useful for any job/career
  • Listening: this is highly developed in musicians and it is an important part of the course
  • Analytical and essay-writing skills
  • Confidence and self-esteem: which has a knock-on effect in all areas of life and learning
  • Creativity and self-expression: helping young people to think differently and harness the power of their imagination
  • Both employers and universities see
  • Creative subjects as assets.
  • Increasingly, employers and universities are looking for young people who have skills that are learned through creative subjects: creative thinking, emotional intelligence, adaptability, communication and tenacity to name just a few4. And universities are keen to attract students who have a well-rounded education and achieve good results, no matter what the subject.